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25 years of enabling organisations sail through technological advancements

Story of our Company

We care deeply about what we do and what we create, for our customers, employees and the nation as whole. At Megasoft, we embrace change and work towards making this change easier to adopt.

We are a company with decades of experience and a deeply rooted value system that forms the core of our existence. We have years of experience in successful designing and development of 360 degree IT solutions and services specialising in Systems Integration and Turnkey Projects. With our expertise in software development, infrastructure establishment and network services enhancement, we have been able to spread our wings across India and Asia Pacific regions. We have helped Banking, Manufacturing and Government sectors to expand their business by providing them most efficient and customer-centric services.

Our journey is adorned with many achievements and accolades. We take pride in pioneering digitisation at all three levels of co-operatives in India with the ability to share real-time data. Offering quality solutions has been inherent to our existence.

We are a team of geeks and techno heads who are firmly committed to continually working towards improving processes and systems for a sustainable economic growth.

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Our Products

Our solutions are designed out of the organisation’s need and the ultimate goal it is to achieve. Our existence is not monetary driven, rather we are a purpose driven organization. We take it as an opportunity to act responsibly to streamline the transformation process with ease.


Covers all the banking modules comprehensively. It is our Flagship product.


Day-to-day functionality of primary agriculture credit society


Highly compatible, advanced and simplified Head Office management system.


A complete Loan Management System for hassle free business


Detect frauds and mitigate risks with a strong anti-money laundering system


A Cheque Truncation system for your business simplicity and growth


An innovative solution that offers Micro ATM application for Android Devices.


Allows banks to upload their customer’s credit information


A reconciliation software to aid mirror bank transactions from various ends,


Enables GST return filing, collecting Sales, Service and Purchase Data


An internet banking software with multi-layered security provision


Tab Banking software provides seamless financial services at the doorstep


Enables users access their bank transactions through a user friendly mobile application.


Platform for banks to offer financial products and services through mobile applications


Central Know Your Customers system to store and safeguard KYC records

Years in Business



Staff Members

We focus on creating long term relationships by being responsive and responsible for delivering value to our clients to help them develop high-performing businesses.

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working at the core of organizational process improvement and enhancement

a One Stop IT Solution provider

We are a value driven organization with the pure intent to benefit our customers by offering them need based solutions. In our journey of more than 25 years, our values have helped shape the culture of our organization.

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