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EasyPACS is an efficient centralised software solution that takes care of complete day-to-day functionality of primary agriculture credit society (PACS). It is a centralised accounting system, which can be integrated at the Centre Level to enable the ease of monitoring and controlling financial aids, Interest subvention and subsidies, thereby resulting in fast and error-free disposal of transactions. It is in compliance with common accounting system and is based on the guidelines issued by NABARD. The software is intelligently designed for easy integration with the Core Banking Software of the District Co-operative Banks to permit real-time data sharing for real-time changes in Limits, Transactions and synchronisation of balances with the Bank.

EasyPACS also supports digital payment transactions at the PACS level through RuPAY/KCC Card, MicroATM, RTGS/NEFT and other digital initiatives by the Bank.

  • Designed to cover all the modules of centralized accounting system (CAS)
  • Centralized and easy processing of loan applications and disbursals.
  • Login Id and Password provided for each PACS and other monitoring agencies with PACS ERP.
  • Single point database management for all PACS’ in a state.
  • Provision of collating Taluka-wise, District-wise and State Level
  • Consolidated Statistical Reports
  • EasyPACS ensures adaptation of a Uniform System
  • Monitoring made possible at DCB Level, RCS Level, SCB Level and NABARD Level
  • Easy and quick deployment of changes in processes or schemes
  • Can be implemented with limited infrastructure facilities.
  • The Mobile Device Interface eases the provision to offer door-to-door services
  • Interface with KCC Card/ Smart Card/ Loyalty Cards and Payment gateways through DCB/CBS made possible
  • Access to additional modules such as PDS, Tax Collection, Utility Bill Collection etc.
  • Real-time permissible data sharing to and from DCB/CBS helps avoid double entry and maintain real-time data updation
  • Equipped with MIS
  • Dashboard at various levels ensures enhanced visibility
  • Create performance monitoring system through set parameters
  • Other features and modules include Super Market Billing and Inventory, PDS Module, Warehouse Billing and Management, Fertilizer, Seeds & Farm Equipment Management, Hiring of Farm Equipment and Crop Procurement

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